Joy Division Undercover (NL)

Joy Division Undercover (NL)


In 2020 it is 40 years after ‘Joy Division’ singer Ian Curtis died. To memorize and honor the iconic singer and to the fact that Joy Division’s second album ‘Closer’ was released in that same year (1980), ‘Joy Division Undercover’ will do an intensive European club & festival tour between March and October 2020 (for Holland May and June). The band will play the entire album ’Closer’ and many more of their legendary songs. In 2019 they did a very successful Dutch tour with the album ‘Unknown Pleasures’, where most of the concerts were completely sold out.


The music of Joy Division had an enormous influence on many contemporary bands such as Arcade Fire, The Editors, Interpol, The National, Sixteen Horsepower, Palace Brothers and many more. They presented the ultimate sound of darkness and invented Post Punk.


Click here to see the official live video of the Joy Division Undercover 2019 tour:





Allready in 2008 the world's best (according to many fans and journalists) Joy Division tribute band 'Closer To Curtis' toured Holland for the first time and did sold out gigs in Prague and Budapest. Since 2013 Erny Green (vocals) and Gerald Roerdinkveldboom (drums) are re-united in Joy Division Undercover, accompanied by Dutch legend Henk Koorn (guitars), Edwin Oranje (Bass) and Thijs Heij (guitars & keys). The songs are brought with great authenticity. Close your eyes and experience the true intensity of a Joy Division concert.



**`Absolutely blown away, these are the best JD covers I've ever heard. Thank you.´

**´Good lord, this is spot on´

**´By far the best yet !!!!´

**´EXCELLENT........ And emotional´

**´I´ve seen Joy Division many years ago and I have to admit that this is impressive´.

**"This band does such a great job at capturing the dark atmosphere that can be heard throughout the studio albums. Joy Division's songs played live had an entirely different sound compared to how they sounded with Hannet's mastering on the album, but this group is able to pull off successfully merging the two."

**"You ARE just like J.D. You ARE like Ian Curtis."




Vocals: Erny Green

Guitar: Henk Koorn

Bass; Edwin Oranje

Drums : Gerald Roerdinkveldboom

Keys & Guitar: Thijs Heij


Sound: Martin Zijlema

Lights: Max De Lange

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